I got it from my Momma

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Darcy and I am 25 years old.  My husband John and I got married in October of 2015 and left our life in the city of Chicago to begin a new chapter in the suburbs.  Shortly after the move, we found out that we were pregnant with our first baby! My goal of this blog is to find some comic relief in our every day lives as well as form a community where we can discuss issues that we face on a daily basis.

Let me start off by saying, I was the little girl that knew I was destined to be a mother.  I remember wanting to do everything my mom did.  When I was five years old, I took it upon myself to start a load of laundry.  With no experience with a washer, I chose to place my dad’s white underwear in the mix with a bunch of bright colored shirts.  Oh, and did I mention that I put the water on hot? Well, as most of you know, placing whites and bright colored laundry together is the perfect storm where the bright colored clothes feel bad and begin to bleed their color onto those poor white underwear.  My dad would be wearing pink underwear for the next few weeks (sorry dad!) and I vowed never to do laundry again.

Another instance of my fate to become a mom was my insessant need to rule the house.  I was the oldest in our family and I made it very clear at a young age who was boss.   When I was 7, my favorite game was fake school.  My poor siblings HATED me for this.  On top of their ACTUAL homework from REAL school, I gave them homework.  If they didn’t do their fake homework, you felt the wrath of Darcy and it wasn’t pretty.  Needless to say, I got a rude awakening that Christmas when dear old Santa gave me a cow beanie baby.  Now, this wasn’t just any cow.  Her name was BOSSY the cow and my parents made it known to me that Santa was trying to send a message that I was being too bossy with my brothers and sister.  I would like to say that that was a life changing moment for me…. that I would never boss again…. and….I would be lying straight through my teeth and my family and husband can attest to that! Thanks for loving me for who I am.

Now that you’ve taken a little look into my past, I’d like to focus on more present day life.  After John and I got married, we set up some goals and a loose timeline for when we would like to start trying for a family.  We wanted to travel more.   I wanted to experience one of his family vacations that he takes with the Martin side every other year at least once without having kids running around. We wanted to enjoy our time for awhile just being married.  John and I ultimately fall pretty close on our beliefs and expectations. What we disagree on makes us stronger and keeps our relationship on its toes.  We did however  have two philosophies on our money habits.  I wanted to spend and he wanted to save.  I went to a grocery store and if that product was what I wanted then I would buy it without thinking twice on the price.  He went to the grocery store and saw what was on sale or thought of ways on how to cut our grocery bill down.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that he thinks that way and I respect the way he handles our money.  This little spending habit of mine needs to be explained though in order to get the full understanding of what I will tell you as we go on.

We went through a phase during that time where we weren’t trying to get pregnant, but we weren’t NOT trying either.  Well, during that period, crazy pants Darcy thought she was pregnant every single month.  I wouldn’t even be late yet and I would be telling John that I “just knew” this was the month it was for sure going to be positive.  He would laugh and say that we need to wait until I am late before taking a test.  To which I would laugh back at him and say that I cannot possibly wait that long.  So, every month when I fell into the window where it was safe for me to take a test a few days early I would do so.  And every month for about 4 months, I was wrong.  John had to put me on a budget for my pregnancy test spending  and eventually cut me off from buying them completely.  All the while I would try to continue to convince him that it was a necessity for me to get through my day knowing that pregnancy tests were stocked in our bathroom.

When it came time to get serious about trying for a baby, it was actually quite fun.  I always did goofy things to try and convince myself that it would get me pregnant and John would go along with it because he knows he can’t fix crazy :).  My brother and sister in law were in town from Colorado with their 4 1/2 month old over Labor day weekend this past year.  John had to work a bit so I decided I would take them out to see our new house.  On the way home, I kept complaining to my SIL that my boobs hurt so bad and my back was achy.  She told me I needed to take a pregnancy test.  It’s funny how the world works.  All of those months where I obsessed over getting pregnant and it didn’t work.  Then, the one month where I finally gave myself a break and went with the mantra “it will happen when it happens“, is when someone else is telling ME to take a test.   I knew she was right and I needed to know before we took part in a booze filled weekend with the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley.  Do you remember when I said John had cut me off from buying pregnancy tests?  I needed to get my hands on one STAT and all I had laying around was ovulation tests.  After thinking of all the possible ways in my mind of how an ovulation test could somehow tell me I was pregnant and falling short, I decided my SIL and I needed to make an escape trip to Target.  A little white lie wouldn’t cause any harm, and besides by this point I was convinced it would be positive and John would forget allllllllll about my obsession with buying sticks to pee on.

I sat there with my turkey tom and miller lite- still unopened. Knowing that I had my pregnancy tests calling my name in our room,  I excused myself from the table and took the test without telling anyone.  Much to my surprise, there was a faint second line–two pink lines on the test (ahhhh the blog title makes sense now).  I smiled, tried not to freak the hell out, and yelled at John to come “help” me with something in our bedroom.  I showed him the test, and he replied with “NO WAY.  Did you put like mouth wash on this test to make it change to positive?!” First of all love, not sure where you learned  that mouth wash can change a test to positive, but no that’s not how a test works.  It is cute to think that he thought I tampered with it somehow.  I showed my sister in law and asked her to confirm what we already knew.  It was such a joyful day and one we both will never forget.

Throughout this blog, I hope you find laughter and comfort in what I share.  My goal is to post once a week, but would love your feedback on what you want to read.  You’ll get stories from what I’ve got through so far and also questions from me that maybe others can help me with.  I appreciate you taking the time to read TWO PINK LINES and for any feedback.



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