Dad Jeans and White New Balances

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”- Jim Valvano

The father/daughter relationship is such a unique thing in my opinion.  He is the one man who you look up to as a little girl and you believe he can do no wrong.  In my dad and I’s case maybe was the one who could do no wrong…at least that was thedad.jpg case while I was little.  My dad was the king of using his bulky camcorder to capture every family party, birthday, and sometimes just a regular Saturday night at home with his family (until the camera died before the birth of my youngest brother, Jack.  Sorry, Jack! At least you have pictures).  Being able to go back and watch them now is quite a treat.  Listen, it’s a known fact to those that are close to me that I enjoyed being the center of attention as a child.  I remember watching one video specifically where my dad was filming me the night before my fifth birthday.  At the time, it was my brother (age 3) and my sister (age 1) hanging out with my dad at my grandparent’s home while my mom worked.  The WHOLE video is me yelling at my dad to film me while I just stood in the middle of the living room and smiled….doing absolutely nothing productive.  You watch as the camera will occasionally pan around the room and you will see my brother silently smiling in front of my dad doing some silly pose with hopes that my dad would acknowledge him in the same way I was.  Simultaneously, you watch as my sister is crawling up my grandparents steps to plan an escape from the crazy sister yelling “DADDY! FILM ME PLEASE!” in the middle of the living room.  It’s funny because at one point my brother tried to speak up and ask him to give him some attention and suddenly I come running into the picture to shove Shane out of the way. He cannot possibly take away my precious time in front of the camera. My dad pans the camera to him and says with a very matter of fact tone “Sorry, buddy.  It’s Darcy’s birthday eve.  I need to keep the camera on her.”  Reflecting on this day, it gives me a good laugh.  It shows how much he wanted to make his daughter feel special on the eve of her birthday.  I appreciate that, but I still apologize to my siblings to this day for taking it a little overboard when it comes to vying for everyone’s attention.

When I began dating John, it was important that my parents approved (obviously).  It amazed me how much they so quickly gravitated towards him and saw all of the reasons why I thought he was such a great guy.  Let’s face it,  anyone that knows my dad knows that he looks at John like a 3rd son.  You know when you fall in love and those puppy dog eyes come out? Yeah, John has that same effect on my dad.  John has this way of making him laugh like no one else can.  It’s such an awesome bond they share and one I am very proud of.  Thanks for making it so easy for people to fall in love with you John!

One of the qualities that drew me to John right off the bat was that I knew with the utmost confidence that his greatest talents will be when he becomes a dad.  I am deeply grateful that I was able to provide that for him.  From my previous post, you may have received the impressiondad-and-john that I had baby fever.  Mine was NOTHING compared to that of my husband.  This guy holds a baby and takes one look at me and I already know what is going to come out of his mouth “honey, can we please have one?” There may have been a few times when babysitting our nephew and niece that I had to talk him out of trying to figure out ways to take them back to Illinois with us.
Now that we are pregnant, John has taken his title of becoming a dad very seriously.  Because we had moved from the city to the suburbs, we did not have the proper yard tools in order to keep the outside maintained.  We decided we needed to do some shopping.  This guy walks into a Home Depot the way I walk into a pizza place.  It’s the purest form of joy.  We walk in to Home Depot and he stated to me that he was in need of some “dad tools.”  Perplexed, I asked what tools you get as a dad.  He replied “well, first of all, I need a leaf blower.  Dads don’t rake leaves, Darcy.  They need something with much more power.”  I complied.  His argument worked for me.  Besides, he never gets anything for himself so if buying a leaf blower will keep him happy, then I am one lucky woman. By the way, he’s still trying to figure out ways he can use his leaf blower to get rid of snow…any suggestions are accepted.

John has made it a point to me that as a father he must fit the part from a wardrobe standpoint.  Just to clarify- this guy can take more time in the shower, on his hair, and picking out his outfit than I can on most days (okay, every day). On top of that, I would like to think he’s got a pretty good sense of style and is particular on what he buys.  Now that he’s going to be a dad, all he talks about are dad jeans and buying his first pair of white new balances.  Who is this new man?!?! WHITE new balances. He’s even mentioned wearing a fanny pack.  You’re probably asking yourself, did you not tell him fanny packs are so 1990’s? I did.  John does not care if he is cool or not.  He just wants to be the best dad ever.

I log some of his most “inspiring” quotes so that one day I can look back and realize I married a freaking legend.  When we were in the city shopping one day,  John saidjohn-and-darcy to me while judging a man in the background, “He can’t be a dad.  Look at the way he dresses.  I’m gonna wear dad jeans!”  On top of that, he has become infatuated with ‘dad’ vests (see picture to right). He commutes to work two to three days a week and at least one of those days has an outfit complete with a vest.  He’s very particular about his vests.  They can’t be too puffy.  They can’t have a hood.  They cannot just be a button down-they need a zip.  Most importantly, these vests have to go with other outfits he already has.  It’s so cute when I will come home from shopping thinking I got him an item of clothing he will absolutely love and he will say “ehhhh.  I don’t know Darcy.  Do you think I have something I can wear this with?!”

His dad stories will continue and I cannot wait to share them with all of you!  It excites me to watch him evolve into a father.  He had a wonderful dad to model after and I know without a doubt that he will be just as great-if not better.  So John, cheers to you.  You wear those dad jeans, vest and white new balances with pride.  I hope you never forget how blessed I am to have you as the father of my baby (hopefully babies)!

Thank you for reading TWO PINK LINES!


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