My Beauty Routine Favorites

Along with sharing my stories, I also have a growing interest in skincare, make up and clothing. I want to incorporate a favorites post every Friday highlighting my interests outside of baby.  Of course, once the baby comes, my favorites may be products that I have used on her.  With that being said,  I’ve got some products that I have been using throughout my pregnancy that make me feel beautiful.  **Note- Don’t stop reading if you are not pregnant.  These can be used by all women looking to switch up their beauty routine(and some of the products can be for men as well).  These past six months, I have had a deeper interest in skin care and make up.  Here are some of my favorite items I have been using lately that make me feel confident and pretty:


  • Found at Sephorabosciacharcoal mask.jpg
  • 34 dollars
  • This is a charcoal peel off mask that I tend to use once a week.  I usually leave it on between 10-15 minutes or until completely dry (they recommend 30 minutes, but mine doesn’t take that long to dry).  This mask is great for reducing pore size and giving your skin a nice glow.  I only like to use the mask where I can tell my skin is clogged which is in my “T-Zone.” This also helps me justify buying a 34 dollar mask-if I’m only using it where I need it, it will last me longer periods of time.
  • The best part is that this mask is good for all skin types.  I have sensitive skin and have not had any issues with it and I have been using it for over 6
  • Men can use this too.  I apply it to John every once and awhile and he is a fan of the product!
  • Because it is a mask and they tend to dry out, it is best to put on a nice moisturizer after the mask is taken off.


  • Found at Tarte Cosmetics, Ulta, and Sephoratarte
  • 23 dollars at Sephora
  • You guys, I am OBSESSED with this mascara.  I have been searching far and wide for a mascara that will not smudge and makes my eye lashes appear to be more full.  I use the jet black formula and it makes my baby blues POP!
  • The brush is nice to make your lashes look thick and get them all covered.
  • Downside: even with make up remover, it tends to take a few times to get all of the residue off from your eyelashes.



  • 24 dollars
  • I love this lotion and the brand! If you are looking for safer products to use, this is a good place to start.  BEAUTYCOUNTER’s mission is to provide you with skin care and make up that is made up of safe ingredients.  You know that saying when ihydratet comes to ingredients in your food “If you can’t pronounce it, then you probably shouldn’t be eating it?” The same goes for our skin care! Skin is the largest organ in our bodies so let’s treat it right!
  • Smells amazing– citrus mimosa?! Hello! I’ll take one to drink (not while pregnant,of course) AND to lather all over my skin.
  • It’s a little on the expensive end but a little goes a long way so you do not need to buy as often


  • 26 dollars
  • Again, smells amazing and works well on my sensitive skin
  • This is another product that a little goes a long way! Worth every penny.
  • Succeeds at getting mascara off that is usually somewhat difficult to remove but does so in a gentle way



  • Found at Sephorabecca
  • 20 dollars
  • If you want to fake the look that you are “glowing,” this is my go to product.
  • I use the wand on my cheekbones to highlight my skin and to give them more definition after applying my foundation/concealer
  •  I use the compact with a foundation brush to lightly apply to my T-zone
  • This product gives me an extra pick me up when I feel like my face looks tired

Here is a picture with the use of Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara and Becca Glow on the Go which are both staple items to my beauty routine!make-up

I would love to hear your thoughts on if you’ve used any of these products and if you have any must haves from your beauty routines.  I am always looking to experiment with other products!

Thanks for reading TWO PINK LINES



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