Okay people! Welcome aboard the nesting zone. I have to say this whole phenomenon is pretty interesting to me.  There are many things that I find myself doing or thinking about that I never in a million years would want to do.

First off,  I have found within the last couple of weeks that I am in full organization mode.  ANYONE who knows me knows that I am not the most organized person.  I just don’t care enough to take time out of my day to put things in a specific spot that will make it easier for me or John to locate it at a different time…until now.  Last week alone, I found myself in the Container Store and Target looking for the best ways to organize my bathrooms and laundry room.  The scary part was, I enjoyed it.  Who am I?!  I know John is loving this-he has always been the more organized one, and I’m sure he is praying this keeps up after the baby is born 🙂  Don’t get your hopes up Johnny!

Another new habit I picked up: making lists.  Is this what “adulting” is? I’ll tell you what, lists make the world of difference and definitely a habit I need to keep up after baby.  I have a thousand things going on in my head and those thoughts leave as fast as they developed.  I cannot imagine how much worse it will be when my focus will be on a cute little baby.  It is a satisfying feeling to check off the items on the list and move on to my next task.

Within the last few weeks I have noticed that I want to do as much as I can with John before our daughter arrives.  We had a tradition when we lived in the city where we would have a date night every other or every Thursday.  That all went to a halt when I was sick for the first trimester and in the midst of moving/settling in our home.  Now, we are not going as often as every week, but we are definitely getting back to date nights outside the home. One of our favorite hobbies to do together is karaoke on a Friday/Saturday night after we are done with dinner.  We got a Party Rocker Live karaoke machine for our wedding as a gift and it is probably our most prized possession.  If there was a flood, John would grab the karaoke machine before his computer.  Any way, John is infamous for getting on a roll when he karaokes.  He makes it seem like other people can sing, but you have to keep bugging him in order for him to really give in.  I can’t say I blame him.  He is very entertaining and wants the party to last all night.  I have been trying to make more time for karaoke nights as of late because Lord knows when we will be able to when a newborn moves in.  I’m almost tempted to buy those sound-proof headphones that babies wear to concerts and sporting events just so that John can continue to live out his dream.  If anyone has used these on their babies before, let me know how good they work!  I find myself appreciating our time alone now more than ever. I’m grateful that we are fortunate enough to be able to experience the date nights that we have had and will continue to do so.

Nesting has brought new habits and qualities out of me.  I find that I have been surprising myself more on a daily basis than ever before.  I’m getting excited about this new chapter but want to savor the time I have left as a family of two.  So John, thank you for letting me smother you and allowing me to attach to your hip.  Hell, I’d try to go to work with you if you’d let me.  I’ll try my best to continue to smother you as much as possible when our daughter is born.  After all, without you, there is no baby.  You are just as important to smother and love!

Check out the videos below for some good laughs on a karaoke night we had this past summer.  Come on over this summer and join in on our fun! 




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