Kelly Noonan’s Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This Friday I asked if Kelly would do the honors of telling you guys what some of her favorite products have been since becoming a mom.  Kelly is one of my closest friends from high school and have remained good friends through the years.  Recently, we have been able to bond even more over motherhood.  Kelly is a mom of two adorable daughters: Hadley and Harlow.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend some time with them when we come back home to visit.  She is a wonderful mom and someone I am happy to call a friend.  Also, look at that featured image above of her family.  Could they be more perfect?! So cute.

  1. harlow-and-kelly
    Kelly and newest daughter Harlow sporting the Solly Baby Wrap
  2. After I had my first baby (Hadley) who is now 20 months old, I lost so much hair, I mean clumps. So a friend told me to give Monat a try, I fell in love. It’s helped my hair grow back fast and strong! A must for mommys after babies! SHOP THE PRODUCTS HEREThis is for newbaby! A Solly Baby Wrap  lets you be hands free and snuggle your baby all at once. It also lets me play with Hadley while holding Harlow.
  3. I love my City Select Baby Jogger, this stroller is amazing; it can be a single stroller and a double! So compact and light. There’s so many options. It also fits in my small car which is a huge plus.
  4. I love my bags. I have had multiple bags, and my all time favorite is Fawn Design. It is fashionable and room for two babies in cloth diapers!!
  5. With two in diapers it tends to get pricy! I would have to say I love to cloth. It’s saves me money, I don’t have to worry about running out, and most importantly they are cute! We have tried almost every kind of diaper and Apple Cheeks are my favorite! They are super trim and fit my tiny babies so nice.
  6. Freshly Picked Moccasins. These shoes are amazing. You don’t have to worry about them falling off. You also don’t have to worry about finding socks! They are prefect for both my girls. Every baby needs a pair!

There you have it! Shop her favorites in the links above.  Thank you SO much Kelly for sharing your advice and letting us into your world as a mom of 2.  I cannot wait to personally try these products myself.  **I have tried a sample of the Monat shampoo and conditioner, and you guys, she’s not lying.  The product works! I plan to buy some in the near future.  

Thank you for reading TWO PINK LINES! See you all next week!


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