Colleen Kraft’s Friday Favorites!

Alright TWO PINK LINES readers! It is that time to introduce another Mama with some products that have helped her with her sweet baby.  I have known Colleen since high school where she was the spunky girl who always knew how to have a good time.  She had an infectious smile and LOVED to dance. She was always so kind to EVERYONE and that is a quality that you have to admire.  As you will read from her intro, she now is married and they have a son named Brett. Take a look at her advice and her cute pictures she allowed for me to share!


Hey y’all! My name is Colleen Kraft, and Darcy has asked me to share some of my favorites items for baby (or mom & dad) as a momma of a little boy. First, I’ll tell you a little about me. I am from Pontiac which is how I know Darcy, but now I live in Kentucky! I am married to an awesome man named Stephen and we brought a beautiful baby boy into this world last May. I am a full-time working momma so a lot of my items have to do with saving time and money.  I absolutely love being a mom, and cannot wait for Darcy to experience it as well!

Now for the good stuff, what has been clutch during our 10 months of having Brett? When I asked my husband what he would tell a soon to be parent to get in order to make life easier in the beginning, he IMMEDIATELY responded, “a swing!” I would have to agree. We registered for our swing at Target and man, was it a lifesaver some nights. Here are the tips I got about registering for one: make sure it plays music, check online for any recent recalls before picking one, and most importantly make sure it rotates to swing both ways. That last point was one of the best tips I got because some nights baby wants to be rocked different, and let’s be real, your arms can get tired real fast! Besides the swing, my hubby did not have much to add beside the basics like “bottles and diapers” (duh!).

With that being said, the rest of the list is comprised of some of my favorite items for baby and mommy. First up is the WubbaNub pacifier. I would say that this item colleenblog2.jpghas been the most clutch during my son’s time with us. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a pacifier with a little stuffed animal attached to it that lays on baby for him or her to play with. My friend gave me this as a gift because she said it is way easier to find during those wee morning hours. She was right! Not only that, but now that he is a little bigger he pets his as a comfort piece. As long as he has one when he is put down for bed, he can soothe himself to sleep (yay!) Here is a picture of one of Brett’s current 3, isn’t it cute?! We bought ours at Babies R Us, but you can get them at most retailers that have a baby aisle.

collenblog.jpgAnother item that I really enjoyed is my “udder cover” a.k.a. nursing cover. Here is a pic of me using mine. I actually got mine for free by using one of my coupons for registering for baby at Target. Here is their Website.  If you are nursing, this allows you to be in a room while baby is eating without being ‘that mom’ that exposes herself. What I really liked about this brand versus others is the wire at the top. If you look at my pic, you will see that the cover is standing out on it’s own allowing me to peek at baby during feedings and ensuring he latched right at the beginning.

Something that I did not register for but absolutely loved using was my Baby Bullet. My aunts pitched in together and got me this, which is a small blender that cocolleenblog3.jpgmes with 6 baby food jars and 1 tray for the freezer. I had not thought about making baby’s food before this, so I wasn’t sure it was necessary. After I did my research on how long jarred food is allowed to sit on the shelf and how much it would cost I thought, “I’ll give it a shot to try to save money and make sure I know what he is eating.” Let me tell you ladies and gentleman, it is so easy and saves SO MUCH MONEY! After using this item for months, I finally broke down and bought a big blender as you can see from my pic, because it allows me to make a larger amount at one times. So if you don’t want to start with the bullet, use your blender and ice cube trays. It works! Purchase here>>>Target Baby Bullet Baby Bullet Official Website

colleenblog4.jpgMy last product is my absolute favorite, and it actually comprises of two products. The first is my baby ring sling carrier. You will see this one in the picture, and it is awesome. I bought this because my sister-in-law used hers ALL the TIME. I purchased it from a lady that sells them from home in Bloomington, but you can find them anywhere online. When buying be sure to: read reviews and find one with a seamless ring. The seamless ring is stronger making it safer for carrying baby. I preferred one with some padding on the shoulder to help ease the weight, but honestly if you have it on right (thanks YouTube!) it will be comfortable. The second product has been surprisingly my absolute favorite! My Boba wrap has been the most used item during our time with Brett. You can get this wrap at Target. This was another item that I did not register for, since I had purchased the ring sling. However, when I was on vacation and wanted to cover Brett completely from the sun during a long walk, I was glad to have this bad boy around. Plus, while on said walk, he became hungry and the people walking with me had no idea that I was feeding him while walking until I told them! While the sling is easier in the sense of putting it on, the wrap is good for full coverage and I have found it works better now that he is bigger. Anytime we go anyplace crowded I wear Brett in the Boba wrap for a few reasons: we don’t have to wait for people to move out of the way of the stroller, Brett is calm and cozy against me when strangers talk to him, and (my favorite reason) strangers don’t reach out to touch my baby! When he is in the stroller people think he is free game to touch and while I understand because he’s the cutest baby on earth 😉 (hehe!), I have no idea what those people have touched, if they are sick, or are carriers of anything. I am a pretty laid back mom, but this is one thing that I get “paranoid” about according to my hubby. All in all, each mom has some favorite items but all baby truly needs is your love and tender care. When they feel this love, they beam with pride and joy. ❤


Thank you SO much Colleen for all of your great advice! Some of these products I am curious about especially the slings because I know nothing about them.  I myself am planning on trying to make my own baby food to cut down on costs so it was good to know that it has worked out for you! Cheers to this mama for taking time out of her day to share her favorite products with all of us.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thanks for reading TWO PINK LINES

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