Devyn’s Friday Favorites!

Our next featured mama is Devyn. She and I met through mutual friends in college.  She has  been known for her fun-spirited attitude and willingness to have a good time no matter what the situation.  Her and I had some good times together in college and she can make anyone laugh.  Now, she is engaged and planning a wedding all while taking care of an adorable 7 month year old baby girl! I enjoyed reading her “Friday Faves” because it was right down to the basics of what we need as mothers need.  Thanks for writing for the blog, Devyn!


Hi there! My name is Devyn and I am the proud mother of the sweetest 7 month old baby girl, Ashtyn. Before Ashtyn was born, we had our “baby” closet STOCKED with multiple brands of almost every baby item you could think of, so when it came down to deciding which to pick we had absolutely no idea which was the best. I’m pretty sure we had AT LEAST 4 different bottle brands, pacifiers, diapers, etc. We also had two completely different types of formula sent to us as samples as a backup if breastfeeding did not work out. But in the end, the decision to pick which brand came down to the decision of one tiny human….Ashtyn. When Darcy asked me to write up a list of a few of our favorite products we use with her, I mentally went through our daily routine & baby closet to figure out my absolute go-tos.

Feeding: Medela Breastfeeding Supplies

  • For the first few months, I was able to breastfeed.  I chose the Medela pump, along with their freezer bags.  I had heard good things about a few, but this was always the #1 pump that was mentioned with all my new mommy friends
  • ** Note from Darcy: always check with your insurance before purchasing a pump.  I got my Medela pump for free!  Who doesn’t love free stuff?
  • Shop HERE for Medela pumps
  • Shop HERE for Medela freezer bags

Bottles: MAM

  • We went through about 3 different kinds of bottles before Ashtyn finally found one with the PERFECT nipple and that one was MAM.  They have the smaller 5 oz. bottles and larger 8 oz. bottles as well as different sized nipples for when she got bigger.  We quickly came to find out that the nipple size matter and helped A LOT with her spit-up problem.  They also carry training bottles with handles to get them ready for soppy cups which is the exciting (and saddening) stage we are in now!  Once we discovered her love for these bottles, we closed the door on any other brands….literally.
  • ** Note from Darcy: I got the best advice to save money before baby comes.  Don’t register for bottles and just buy a few single bottles in a couple of brands.  The baby will ultimately dictate which one he/she wants, so that way you don’t waste a ton of money on bottles you may NEVER use.

Pacifiers: MAM

  • It was a huge plus that we could find pacifiers identical to her bottles that made her happy! We are not onto 6+ month pacis and loving every minute of it.  I don’t disagree with the other moms when they say “I will never give my baby a paci.  They will never grow out of it, blahblahblahblah.”  This may be true, but for now if it takes my little love bug happy when I cannot figure out how, I will be sticking to the paci!  They even have ones that glow in the dark, which are much easier to find hidden in the crib at 3 AM in a pitch black nursery…love!
  • Shop HERE for both bottles and pacifiers gift set!

Diapers: Pampers

  • WE LOVE PAMPERS.  We honestly like any diaper that will cover her rear so that whatever comes out doesn’t end up on us….BUT pampers are our favorite!  They have the wetness indicator which I had NO clue even existed.  It is perfect for those iffy moments.  Is she clean? Look for the yellow stripe.  Is she wet/dirty? Look for the blue stripe.  We are currently using Huggies we received from a diaper party which are great as well!  I definitely miss that wetness indicator though.  I have wasted a few diapers thinking they were stinky….whoops!
  • ** Note from Darcy: Look into downloading the Pampers rewards app.  I just started this so I’m not sure if it is worth it yet, but it seems to be a good way to get discounts/free stuff
  • Shop HERE

Bathtime: Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath

  • Not only does it smell amazing, but we believe it works! It is a clinically proven routine that helps baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The “stay asleep longer” part we are a little iffy about– every baby is different though! However, it does help her fall asleep faster and we have noticed her less fussy at bedtime. We would never go back to the regular Johnson’s wash we first used.
  • Shop HERE

Stroller: BOB Revolution Flex Stroller & Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System

  • We got SPOILED when it came to receiving strollers. Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE to be out walking/running in the sunshine when it is nice out, so the BOB stroller is perfect for that! It is compatible with pretty much any car seat (adapter purchase separately). I can take it down our bumpy country roads for a run with the little Miss, or throw it in the back of my car and go for a walk in town. It folds easily and easily fits in the back of small SUVs or a car! However, it is not ideal to take to the mall or out shopping. It has very little space underneath for anything for than your diaper bag. This is where the Graco stroller came in! We also loved the car seat that was included with this. It folds easily as well and has plenty of storage for when out shopping with Grandma, but works well for walks too! The “Travel System” included stroller, car seat and base. We HIGHLY suggest purchasing more than one base if you will not be the only one traveling with your little one. We ordered another one for Daddy shortly after figuring out how much of a pain it is to install every time we needed to switch vehicles. Highly suggested!
  • Shop HERE for BOB Revolution Flex Stroller
  • Shop HERE for Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System

I could go on and on about all of the great products we use, but these are our TOP favorite! All of these items can be found at Babies R Us or Target too (see links above)! Very simple and accessible, which is what we like! Having a baby takes up ALOT of your time so when good, inexpensive, and easy products to use come around, we take full advantage! Now after writing this, we are going to begin bath time with our Johnson’s Bedtime Bath, have a yummy MAM bottle, and finish the night off with some snuggles provided none other than yours truly!


THANK YOU Devyn for writing this piece and enjoy your time with your new family!




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