I am back in action on the blog today and it feels so good!  I will tell you what, the past few months have been an absolute roller coaster!  As mentioned earlier, I was dealing with some high blood pressure in the latter part of my pregnancy.  I was basically in and out of labor and delivery to be monitored for the whole month of April with pressures that got too high.  Eventually, it got to the point right before 36 weeks when the doctors finally admitted me for induction after diagnosing me with preeclampsia.

I was in labor for 15 hours.  For 13 1/2 of the 15 hours I was dilated to 1 cm.  I was examined at 7 o’clock pm when shift change was occurring and I had gone from a 1 cm to a 9+ within a half hour.  Turns out that the OB that was on call that night had actually LEFT the hospital to get dinner because she was under the impression that I was progressing very slow.  The nurses weren’t too worried at this point because they explained that most first time moms will push for sometimes up to 3 hours.  Not this first time mom!  I pushed for ten minutes before the nurses were waiting for the OB to come in.  Because the baby was crowning and the OB wasn’t there yet, the nurses had to take me out of the stirrups and cross my legs until the doctor was able to make it.  Finally, she made it in our room!  It was such an empowering moment to be able to push out a baby and something John and I will never forget.  At 8:19 pm, Eleanor Jean Martin came into the world at 5 pounds 6 ounces and healthy as ever.  The doctors warned us beforehand that she may have to stay in the NICU for a few days depending on how she was once she was born, but she defied those odds and was able to stay in the regular nursery.

The first night in the mother/baby unit was one of the longest nights of my life.  I was coming off of a 15 hour delivery, a magnesium drip (that makes you feel absolutely terrible), and now LOW blood pressure because I was in bed for 3 straight days in the hospital.  I was so scared to fall asleep because it was my first night with Eleanor, and like most new moms, I needed to make sure she was still breathing at all hours of the night.

The day we were to leave the hospital was crazy.  I had been awake for over 24 hours and John was still getting used to minimal hours of sleep (he really likes his 8 hours).  There was a nurse in every hour to check on us or do a test on Eleanor before being discharged.  It was around mid morning when the lactation consultant and the pediatrician walked in to speak with us about Eleanor.  About 5 minutes in to the Pediatrician talking, I hear heavy breathing coming from the couch.  Sure enough, my sweet husband had fallen asleep to the sound of her voice leaving me to call him out in front of the team of doctors.

Speaking of lactation consultant, did you know know that John could definitely have gone to school to be one?   I mean, this guy listened to everything the consultant said and could recite it back to me almost word for word.  He was such a big help when trying to get her to latch those first few days that I almost forgot he was a recruiter for a living and NOT in the medical field.  Thanks for all of your help Johnny 🙂

The past couple weeks have been very tiring but completely life changing.  I cannot believe how much she is already growing and changing.  It is true what they say, it really is hard to imagine what your life was like without them in it.  It’s been so fun to watch John as a dad.  Especially when he gags at the sight of poop or when Eleanor will crane her neck anytime she hears him speak.  She is already in the process of convincing him to go on her first shopping spree 😉

Eleanor gave me all the trouble while she was in utero and now has been a very good baby…..for now.  Her parents talk super loud in front of her so she usually can sleep through anything 😉  She loves to listen to her dad’s voice and she loves to snuggle her mom (side note: her mom is also a baby hog).  We are enjoying this new chapter as a family of 3 and are so thankful to be this blessed.

Stay tuned for a blog on Eleanor and my favorite products so far as well as one from a mom of 4 boys!

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