Jill’s Friday Favorites!

Happy Cinco de Mayo my friends! Here is a blog post written by our first guest writer Kelly Noonan’s sister Jill.  I think you will find that she has very good reccommendations on products that are of good quality and will last for future babies!


Hi! I’m Jill and I’m excited to share some of our favorite things. I’m a Mom to 4 boys, my oldest Owen will be 7 this month, Oliver is 4  and my youngest Kingston and Roman (twins) are 14 months old. I’m married to the best partner to raise these young men, Merrick. We’ve been married for 8 wonderful and exciting years. If you would have told me I would be the Mom of 4 boys, including twins 8 years ago, I would have probably rolled my eyes and laughed. Some may call me a girly girl or princess but having four boys has changed my life.  I have learned more than comprehensible in the last 8 years and have SO much more to learn.


Now for the good stuff, since the time Owen was born almost 7 years ago we have had SO much stuff. I had a lot of stuff with the twins too but there were two of them and I also felt like I was more knowledgeable with quality and what really counted and was a necessity.  I was fortunate enough with the timing of the twins because my sisters had babies about a year before I did and we had similar or same items. This allowed me to double up on the important stuff without breaking the bank. I’m going to share our favorite items throughout the last 7 years!We all know sleep is essential but also non-existent in those first few months. The items that we couldn’t have lived without:


jill2.jpgThis is something I didn’t have until the twins. My other two boys didn’t care for swings but I also didn’t have these fancy ones. For the first 6 months of the twins lives it was a lifesaver. Not having enough arms to hold and care for everyone at once, I needed somewhere they were content. We found many nights in the early weeks carrying them up to our room for the night as well.


Rock N Play

For my youngest 3 boys we used the Rock N Plays for nighttime. They easily fit right next to our bed and babes fit so comfy and slightly elevated in them. I embarrassingly admit I kept the boys in them until I HAD to move them to the cribs. Oliver slept so great in it I didn’t move him until he started to sit up in it and well that’s a little unsafe. They are also so portable, easy to take to Grandparents or move around the house when baby sleeps. I even hear the new updated ones automatically rock….heaven. 

** Note from Darcy- we have the Rock N Play that automatically rocks and it is indeed HEAVEN!

Single/Double Snap N Go Stroller

Before the twins we were a family that was on the go all the time.  The twins slowed us down a bit in the beginning but we found some items that helped us get out and stay semi sane. Everyone needs a GOOD stroller, I have been through so many trying to find that perfect match. Some advice, spend the money upfront for a good stroller, read reviews and do your research. Strollers are always being updated and companies are coming out with some really neat products. When the boys were babies we always used a snap n go stroller. They were so easy to just pop the infant seat into and go on your way. With the twins it was more of a necessity in order to go anywhere. Obviously these are not ideal if you are going on long walks, rough terrains etc. but anything indoors we were using this to transport our tribe.

City Select Stroller and Glider Board

Our all purpose stroller is the City Select, I purchased this after multiple recommendations from other twin and multiple children Moms. I’m glad I did. I’ve absolutely loved it and the 16 different seating options is great for different circumstances. We also have the attachable glider board  for Oliver, works great for those that are too old for the stroller but still a little pokey. I’m able to keep him close to me but he doesn’t feel like a baby. I’ve also added the child tray to the seats because when we are on the go, it’s nice to use them like high chairs for snacks or meals. They have so many neat options for the the strollers!

Covered Goods

The twins were born in the dead of Winter so taking them out we always feared nasty germs and that paired with them being twins people always wanted to touch, breath on and look at them. Covered Goods was a must! Not only were they practical but they come in great patterns and are so soft! They have multiple uses: nursing cover, blanket, car seat cover and shopping cart cover. The company is also great to work with. I had a problem with small pinholes in one of my covers and they were extremely responsive.  

Skip Hop Diaper Bag

When out and about a good diaper bag is a MUST. I’ve had many between the 4 boys and oddly enough I’ve found the best to be the less fancy and least expensive of the half dozen I’ve owned. My husband and I both agree the SkipHop is our favorite. It’s spacious, light, easy to carry. With our tribe we need to be hands free, so it’s easy to just throw this specific bag on our backs. It easily carries enough for both boys: change of clothes, diapers, wipes, emergency medicines, snacks…. lots of snacks, sippy cups. I have my eye on a few other designs they have just come out with too, but my husband may not agree with another bag.

Freshly Picked

Maybe not a necessity, but an indulgence for me are the babies moccasins. I never thought I would be that Mom, but as soon as they started wearing them there was no turning back. They are comfy, stay on their little feet from day one and now they prefer them over normal shoes. Oh ya, and they are adorable. My sisters and I swap them between kids and sizes so they hold up pretty darn good.

Last but certainly not least as a Mom of 4 I don’t have a ton of time during the week for myself. A couple of products that help feel ready to take on my day and keep up with my 4 boys are my hair products, my lipstick, coffee, and lots of prayer.



Ninja Coffee Bar

jill15.jpgI could go on forever with my favorites items but these are a few I hope can help other families!

Thank you, Jill! Your blog was so fun to read and very enlightening! You really shared some great products.  Hope everyone enjoys and has a fantastic Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby weekend!

Thanks for reading TWO PINK LINES!





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