Mother’s Day 

I want to take a minute to shoutout to all mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, Godmothers, mothers that have lost children, women who are praying to become mothers, women who have lost their mothers, and anyone else I am forgetting- I hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day yesterday. 

This Mother’s Day was my first and I’m feeling very loved after reflecting on the day. I got to spend all day with Eleanor and enjoyed a beautiful brunch with my mom, grandma and my Godmother along with others. It was a day filled with lots of love that ended with me being reunited with my husband who was the best man in a wedding this past weekend in Kansas. Shoutout to the newlyweds Mr. And Mrs. Coonts!! 

When browsing through social media I thought it was so cool to see kids posting about their moms or husbands about their wives. It goes to show how much we really rely on our mothers for everything and it’s nice to see them getting some attention. 

So here’s my list of some things I am already learning or have thought about since becoming a mom: 

1.  You don’t get to hit snooze on that alarm clock. When she’s ready to hang out or eat, you’re on the clock! 

2. There is no “off” switch to parenting. If you aren’t directly doing it, you are thinking  about it. 

3.  I knew breastfeeding was a lot of work, but I never thought it would feel like you are a 24 hour restaurant for an all you can eat special. 

4.  Postpartum rashes are the worst.  Try taking benedryl they said. Nope, this girl took it one time and was a drowsy mess for hours. 

5. Eat. Change diaper. Sleep. Repeat. 

6.  Thank you God for a wine night cap after a long day. 

7.  Baby poop is no joke. John and I were tearing our room apart trying to figure out what smelled like old buttered popcorn. Turns out, it was our precious daughter. Ellie, I love you, but you smell girlfriend. 

8.  The only “me” time these days are when I get to pump for 15 minutes every 3 hours. Hey, I’ll take it. 

9.  Trying to run…correction-slow jog with what feels like 10 pounds of milk in your boobs makes for a fun time. 

10.  You want a nap? That’s nice. That’s just when your sweet baby who was in a deep sleep decides it’s a good time to cry. 

11.  Ellie sleeps through just about anything. Loud noises, music, group settings with lots of talking, but mom tries to open a snack to replenish in the middle of the night and you’d swear she heard a bomb go off. 

12.  Watching John gag over changing an exploded diaper gives me the laughs. 

13. Did I brush my teeth today? 

14.  How can I make stretch marks look sexy for my husband? Hmmmm. 

Seriously, this parenting thing is no joke, but it’s all worth it when you look down and see the slightest smile, you look up at the clock and you realize you’ve been snuggling your baby for 2 straight hours with no complaints, or the look John gives Ellie every time he lays eyes on her. We are very lucky and she has been a very laid back baby so these experiences are exceptions to our day and not usually the norm. 

Thanks for letting me get a few laughs at your expense Ellie. Mama loves you! 

Now on to my Mother’s Day outfit. I am so obsessed with the dress I bought from Old Navy ,that I bought it in orange as well. It’s light weight and easy access to pull down for the breastfeeding moms out there. I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought these loafers from TJ Maxx. I’m usually a heel girl, but I loved how comfortable they were and the color looks great for spring/summer. 

**Dress is on sale for $30.00 

**Shoes are by Coach, but because they were a TJ Maxx buy, you can purchase for $60.00

Thank you for reading TWO PINK LINES! 


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