John’s First Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day a couple of weekends late to all you dads, grandfathers, step-fathers, Godfathers, whatever you may be, I hope it was a great day.  We have been so busy that I haven’t been able to get around to finishing this blog post!

Ellie and I had a great time spoiling John to honor him on his first Father’s Day.  He works so hard for our family (at work and with stuff around the house) and shows Ellie and I so much love.  We ended up back in my hometown for the weekend because our air conditioner decided to call it quits on the hottest day of the year and couldn’t be fixed until this past Monday.  It worked out well that we were able to go as I was able to get to see my dad and grandpa.

John was able to do some of his favorite things this past weekend: played 18 holes of golf with myself, my brother and dad.  I haven’t picked up a stick in probably 8 years and it was so much more fun than I remember.  It was awesome to see John play because I have never been able to see him play in the past partially due to the fact that “Saturday’s are for the boys”.  Thanks Barstool Sports 🙂 It was interesting being out there for 4 1/2 hours without a baby.  I realized its a little hard to be gone that long when you don’t bring a hand pump along with you.

On Father’s Day, Ellie and I woke him up with a few gifts, cards and lots of love.  We spent the day relaxing which was just what we all desperately needed.  Now, John is the type of guy that doesn’t want or ask for gifts and I love that about him, but it is nice to show that he is appreciated and I like to do that for him every so often.  One of the gifts he received from Ellie was a double frame with her picture on one side in a onesie from Carter’s that said “Happy First Father’s Day.  I love you.” On the other side of the frame was her first art project: her footprint in red paint with the year ‘2017’ painted below it.  Let’s just say the footprint looks more like a long oval than a foot, but hey! It’s the thought that counts, right?

The gift that I gave him was a trip to the Chicago Cubs game vs. the Padres.  We ended up leaving for the city around 3:45 for the 7:05 start.  Partially to beat traffic and also catch a beer and dinner before we went in.  Our boy Anthony Rizzo hit a home run to kick off the game and we went absolutely crazy.  It was a great way to kick off the game! The crowd was electric.  John was singing almost every song that came on at the game and he ran back up to his seat after leaving to go to the bathroom because he couldn’t miss hearing “Despacito.”  When he began singing every single word to it, the guy next to me said that I was one lucky girl for having such a fun husband.  I didn’t need to hear that because I KNOW how lucky I am, but it is a good reminder of one of the big reasons why I love him and that is because he is so much fun.  No matter what he does, he does it with energy and positivity.  You see it even more when he is A) at Wrigley Field watching his favorite team with a bud light in his hand B) with his siblings or C) playing with Ellie.

By the 5th inning I had to excuse myself to the ladies room to use my trusty hand pump for a little relief because I had been gone for so long without breastfeeding.  I’ll tell you what, that hand pump is no joke.  I was working up a sweat in the bathroom stall all while the automatic toilet behind me keeps flushing every 2 minutes.  I finally quit and walked out of the stall like nothing had happened with milk in my purse and shaking arms.  Thank God for electricity and automatic pumps.  I will not take those for granted!

We enjoyed hotdogs, sang the 7th inning stretch, John had some beers and enjoyed our favorite sports team.  I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate with him.  I gathered up some cool gifts for you all for your men in your life.  These could be for any occasion really and they don’t have to be just for dads.  I stole a few awesome ideas from my sister in laws! They are so creative 🙂


** Side note: I totally forgot to tell you guys that John was gifted a pair of WHITE New Balance tennis shoes from his best friend and his wife for becoming a dad.  Stay tuned for future pictures of that (Imagine: Fourth of July, Khaki shorts, polo, apron, grilling, with white New Balance shoes and a beer in his hand…total dad).

Men’s Gift Guide: 

  1.  Man Crates
    • These are super cool.  Your guy get his gift in a crate-hence the name and a crow bar to open it up.  Doesn’t get more manly than that.
    • Different crates for any type of guy- sports themed, alcohol, the foodie…etc.  Check this site out.  You won’t be disappointed
  2. SprezzaBox
    • I had no idea this existed until my SIL told me about it.  Awesome gift for the guy in your life that loves to accessorize OR maybe wants to start but doesn’t know how
    • You can expect 5-6 items per box all revolving around items to make your man look sharp for date night, work, or special occasion
  3. Apple Watch
    • Who doesn’t love a watch that will act as a phone on your wrist? Ellie gifted this to John has his gift this year and he loves it
    • interchangeable bands for any occasion
    • set fitness goals, read texts, answer a phone call all from the convenience of your watch
  4. T-shirt quilt
    • I like the idea of taking all of his old t-shirts and recycling them into a blanket. Something that is sentimental to him, but can be passed on to his kids one day for a keepsake
  5. Love Book Online
    • I made a book for John 2 years ago for Valentines Day.
    • You go through and create a book to tell someone you love them
    • Something different than receiving a card that you can personalize and make your own story for him to read

There’s a couple unique items to throw your way for the special men in your life.  Stay tuned Friday for another rendition of Friday Favorite’s with a friend I went to PTA school with that has a daughter already and a little boy on the way!


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