High Fives, Good Vibes, Change Lives 2

Okay guys this is a special blog post that I wanted to get out TODAY because of the change lives section so if you don’t read any of this, please read that!

High Fives:

  • My first high five goes out to my husband John.  He has been helping me out so much lately with the new transition into motherhood, and me being on bed rest prior to that, that he is finally getting back into the swing of work and he is so driven right now.  Nothing is sexier than a driven man, so high five to you Jay-P!
  • I also want to send a big old high five to my favorite sports team the Chicago Cubs for an absolute domination last night in their game against the Phillies.  Oh, and those players weekend jerseys deserve another high five!
  • Reaching my hand out to all the moms and dads out there that go to work every day to provide for their family when they would much rather be spending time with their kids.  I have heard first hand how hard it is to go back to work after having a baby and for that reason I do not take my status as a stay at home mom for granted.
  • Which leads me to my last high five- all you stay at home moms and dads, thanks for putting in the time and effort all day that never gets recognized as a job, but should be.  Whether you work or not, parenting never stops so for that you all deserve a high five for all you do.

Good Vibes:

  • I want to send my first good vibe out to the people in Texas.  Please stay safe during this horrific hurricane.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
  • I want to send some good vibes out to all of those kids going back to school.  That summer went by fast, right? Work hard and go easy on each other.  The world is already rough enough.  Enjoy your time with your friends and above all be kind.
  • My last good vibe goes out to goes out to my Alma Mater- St. Mary’s School in Pontiac and you will see why in the change lives section….

Change Lives:

  • Okay, so this is the section about charity and giving back.  I follow St. Mary’s School in Pontiac on Facebook because I like to keep up with how my Alma Mater is doing. Well, yesterday it was posted that the third grade class is asking for NEW flip flops (adult sizes) to donate to the Ronald McDonald House by the Loyola Medical Center.  My family wanted to help so we bought ten pairs of flip flops from Old Navy and shipped them directly to the school.  PLEASE, if you can, go to Old Navy and purchase even one pair.  They are on sale for 4 dollars.  If we all donated one pair, we could make a huge difference.  The flip flops will go to the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House for shower purposes. HURRY.  The students are collecting them THIS WEEK.  If  you cannot drop them off, send them to:
    • St. Mary’s School Michele Brummel and the 3rd grade class
    • 414 N Main Street in Pontiac, IL 61764

old navy.jpg

Thank you so much to all who donate.  I appreciate it and I know St. Mary’s will as well.

Thanks for reading TWO PINK LINES



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