Mom’s Night In Box

Hello All! John, Ellie and I had a fantastic week in Lake Geneva last week at John’s Global Conference (more on the blog this week about that). I do have to say, it is so nice to have so many of John’s colleagues that we are honored to call friends. It really is a “family” that we look forward to seeing once every 18 months. The whole week I was rarely on my phone and I must admit that it was extremely refreshing. Speaking of refreshing, this leads me into what I’m going to blog about today: my first Mom’s Night in Box.

This box I received for August was titled “30 Day Senses Self Care Challenge.” The whole premise is to take a little time out of each day to do something for yourself. As a mother or a father for that matter, we fall into a routine of putting our family first and while that is wonderful and should be a priority, I have learned already how important self-care is.  At the same time, it is pretty had to justify that time when you are a parent.  Am I right?

I opened up this box to find a calendar with a little challenge to do every day to put yourself first. I knew this would be a challenge for myself because I am very much a “put others first person.” And, If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t done it every day. Sometimes you get so caught up in the day to day that it just isn’t going to happen. I will say though, that to make up for it I will usually do two in one day and I continue to keep it in the back of my mind that I still need taken care of.

So, along with calendar, the box included other little snacks, nail polish, massage oil (still waiting for the foot rub, John!), a journal and so much more to complete some of these tasks. It makes taking time out for yourself much more achievable when you already have most of the stuff to make it happen AND most of the challenges don’t take that long. So instead of doing the dishes during the baby’s nap, take the time to do something you WANT to do.  Thanks Night In Boxes!

moms night in challenge.jpg

Some of my favorite tasks from the calendar were:

  • Taking a picture of myself “that makes you feel beautiful so you can look back and feel good.” I took a picture before John’s Conference dinner because I rarely dress up anymore and I feel my best when I get dolled up. In that moment I had so much confidence in how beautiful I really am both inside and out.
  • Last weekend, I took some time “off” from mom duty while John and Ellie had a daddy/daughter afternoon and I got to go to the mall. I treated myself to some new clothes to get ready for fall. One of the tasks on the calendar was to take time off from the family and it should be guilt free. It felt good to know I
    moms night in challenge 4.jpg
    “I gotta tell ya dada.  It’s been really good hanging out with ya!”

    was doing it for me and no one else.

  • There was a box that said “do something that you’ve been putting off for awhile but occupies space in your mind.” Two weekends ago I did the dreadful cleaning of the closets. We’ve been in this house for a year now and it needed to be cleaned out and clothes were in need of donating. It was such a relief and an accomplishment when I finished that(PS. My husband has SO many clothes. It’s quite impressive how much of his stuff he hadn’t worn in years).
  • The last one that stood out of me that I enjoyed was the box that told me to unfollow negative people from your social media. This is a game changer. Negativity feeds off of negativity. I was able to re-evaluate who I need on my timeline and which ones I could do without. Total refresh.

I am still working through these daily tasks, but even when I’m not doing the challenge of the day, I have noticed a mindset change. I am more confident letting others give me a break. I don’t feel guilty (most times) when I run out and leave John with Ellie anymore. After all, they need bonding time together as well.  Although this box is only a 30 day challenge, it definitely made me open my “senses” to ways to give myself time even after I’ve completed them all. I can’t wait to see what the next month’s box entails!

Stay tuned for my giveaway of a FREE night in box of your choice coming up THIS WEEK!

Thanks for reading TWO PINK LINES!


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