Lake Geneva & Irrational Thinking

Hi Friends! As I stated in my last blog, John, Ellie & I just got back from a week trip to Lake Geneva for John’s company global conference. We have so many friends through is company that it is an awesome way to spend time together.

My sister Hannah was a saint as she always is with kids (and in general) and offered to babysit Ellie and another baby while we would go to events at night. Let me start off by saying that it was very hard to leave her at night- especially when I enjoy our nightly routine of getting her to sleep, but it was nice to have a few nights out with John. The best part was most of the events took place at the hotel we were staying at so it was easy to come up if need be. Now, I trust my sister with Ellie 1000 percent, but I’m a new parent so naturally my mind wonders when I’m away from her. Here are some things going through my head when I was gone. Please note these are all very irrational. Per usual:

* Will Ellie start enjoying having Hannah get her to sleep and I will be replaced?

* Will Hannah choke on her dinner and not have anyone there to help her? Would Ellie be a super smart baby and somehow dial 911?

* What if Hannah falls asleep and Ellie is left crying for hours on end?

* Am I doing the right thing by staying out with my husband when I could be snuggling Ellie?

*Oh God. The mom guilt is settling in. I need another drink.

*I wonder what my breast pump will say to me this time as I pump late night.

*Hannah didn’t answer my text. I better go check on Ellie. Something must have happened (thought going through my head at midnight–of course Hannah was just asleep).

*Wine seems to help with the “mom guilt.” Must. Drink. Another. Glass.

*Don’t drink too much though. You will hate being hungover with a five month old. Hell, you’ll hate being hungover period.

*Alright, I’ll just go up there and make sure Hannah doesn’t need my help. ••opens door to room•• complete silence with both Hannah and Ellie fast asleep. Yep, I’m insane. ••goes back downstairs and the whole cycle starts over••

global conference
Global Conference Awards Dinner

In all honesty, I had my moments when I did have guilt for leaving her, but John was good at getting me to loosen up and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I think it was good for both John and I AND Ellie to spend a few hours apart each night. Thank you for all your help, Hannah. Make sure you check out my Instagram/Facebook page for details on how to enter into my giveaway going on THIS WEEK!

Thanks for reading TWO PINK LINES!


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