Baby and Me Music Class

Ellie and I went to our first music class last Thursday. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! We sat in a circle with 5 other mamas, their babies and the instructor. The instructor began by telling us to warm up our vocal chords. Woah! I had no idea I’d have to sing! I thought we would just listen to songs and have them play with some instruments.Wrong.

We sang, we danced, we used bongos to teach rhythm, and we both enjoyed ourselves. It was cute to see Ellie react with other babies and have a big smile on her face as I sang to her.

We were given homework to listen to the songs so that she becomes familiar to them. John and I have been working all weekend with her and it’s a good way to have some family time! Trying to find ways in a new city to meet people can be hard as an adult so I hope this helps with that! I will try to post a video on Instagram in the coming weeks of Ellie engaging in one of her songs!

ellie skip hop.jpgPS. Any mamas out there use the Skip Hop Activity Center?!We are obsessed with it. It gives Ellie a chance to have independent play while we do something around the house. In my opinion, it is worth the money because it grows when she grows. What begins as an assisted standing tool can eventually be turned into a play table when she can stand on her own. It’s linked above! Check it out!

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