MNI- “Keep Calm and Art On”

Hi Everyone.  Hope you all had wonderful weekends and have been kicking some butt this week at work.  As some of you saw from my Instagram stories yesterday, I completed my Mom’s Night In Box for September!  If I’m being completely honest, it was a Mom’s DAY in, but you get the point….I made time for ME yesterday, did you?

I had my sis come up and spend some time with Ellie while I cleaned the house and completed my MNI Box.  This month’s box was titled “Keep Calm and Art On.”  As soon as I saw the coloring book I knew I would enjoy it.  Coloring kept me company when I was on bedrest for 6 weeks at the end of my pregnancy, and ever since then it is something that I find therapeutic.

I love the card that explains the MNI Box.  It reminds of the Bachelor/Bachelorette date cards!

I started by putting on the My Lemon Crate essential oil that was provided to begin the “calming” date I had with myself.  Check out her site if you are looking for ways to eliminate harsh chemicals from your house! Next, I put on The Earthy Child lip sugar scrub.  You guys! I am buying more of this when I run out.  My lips feel like butter!! It is amazing.  Then, I warmed up my Lavender Tea, got my Leccare Lollipop – Salted Caramel flavor (my favorite fall flavor NOT pumpkin), and my coloring book and pencils to head to a quiet room .  If you ladies are looking for favors for a party, I recommend checking them out.  I LOVED the salted caramel lollipop, and I’m not even big on candy that doesn’t involve chocolate so I think that says a lot.

I colored a picture of dirty dishes in the sink.  I despise dishes!! It is my least favorite chore! My mindset was that maybe if I can make the dishes pretty colors, I would have a better love for the chore.  It didn’t happen, but the picture was cute!  While I was coloring, I reflected on when I was coloring while on bed rest.  I thought about how nervous and anxious I was for Ellie’s arrival and if I was doing everything right to keep her safe.  I thought about the past 5 and a half months with Ellie and how fulfilled our lives have been.  I thought about how amazing John is as a dad and I told myself that I’m a damn good mother.  The coloring part of this MNI Box was so much more than just a picture.  It was a time of reflection.  It was a time to sit back and be grateful that I have the means to hand Ellie off for an hour so I can have time for myself.  It was a time for me to be thankful for our little family of three and how much we enjoy each other.

Call me the next Picasso!

The last task they ask is to place a stack of mom inspiration cards somewhere where you will look at them every day to remind yourself how amazing you are.  I think that’s a nice touch.  Sometimes being a mom or a dad gets overlooked and people do not praise you for that.  I will use these cards to give me strength when maybe I am not getting praise for being a stay at home mother or maybe I’ll look at them when my baby has been crying for an hour straight and I feel like I am to blame.  In any event, these cards are a nice touch to encourage all mamas out there to keep on being amazing because YOU ARE.

Overall, this MNI Box can best be described as relaxing.  Before you dismiss the idea of this because you don’t like coloring, maybe give it a try one time with your babies and see how you feel afterwards.  You may be surprised by how much you like it! Another thing I really like about the MNI box is that they incorporate small businesses in their boxes (the essential oil, the sugar lip scrub, the lollipops) which I probably would never have stumbled upon if they hadn’t been in there.  I truly loved this MNI Box and I can’t wait to color my next picture soon 😉


PS. Here are a couple pictures from the wedding we were at this weekend and a video of Ellie and I dancing to “SHOUT” will be on my Facebook Page !


Thanks for reading TWO PINK LINES!


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