Game Night In- Date Night In Box

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was jammed packed (of course) with so many fun things.  One being that I went to a bachelorette party which was the longest I have ever left Ellie.  I surprised myself too!  I really tried not to worry and tell myself that John had it all under control (which he did) which seemed to help! I am so glad that I went out.  The bachelorette was just gleaming from head to toe and I cannot wait to celebrate her marriage.  When you see other people so happy, it really makes my heart warm.  Any way, John and I had our Game Night In through Night In Boxes last week and it was SO FUN!!game night in.jpg

We played a series of games.  The first one we played was Date Night In sink my ship.  We each took blank wood blocks and wrote truths, dares, commands, requests, and challenges. We then set aside 6 blocks each with essential relationship questions on them.  An example of one of the questions was: Do we share responsibilities in a satisfying way?    We took out the essential relationship questions for the sink my ship game as requested.  So the object of sink my ship is just like battleship but with the wood blocks as ships.  When I would sink one of John’s ships, John had to do whatever the block said and vice versus.  We did everything from chugging a beer, kissing for a minute (that was my favorite), telling each other some truths, and I even had to lick John’s foot in one of them (gross!!).  John ended up winning that game, but it was a very close match!

date night in 2.jpg

The next game we played was tumbling tower which was essentially Jenga.  We took all of the blocks including the essential relationship questions and whatever block you pulled out, you had to perform.  John had to talk like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl for 10 minutes straight, I had to talk like a vampire (he wasn’t happy when I didn’t know how ha ha), and we got through a lot of the essential relationship questions.  I think it’s so important to have fun and forget about the stress of day to day and we did just that.  At the same token, the relationship questions were perfect to “check-in” and make sure that our needs as a couple were being met.  Oh, and John won this game as well 😦

The last game we played was the 5 second game.  We were given a stack of cards provided by Night In Boxes and our job was to take turns reading the phrase on the deck.  If the player was able to name three in the category read aloud within 5 seconds, you got a point.  Guess who won this one too? Yep, Jay to the P.  I really need to work on my game night skills!!

winner JAY.jpg
He won every single game!!

I thought this Date Night In was super fun with just the right amount of serious talking mixed with lots of laughs….and smooching! Thanks Night In Boxes for another successful Date Night In!!!

Thanks for reading TWO PINK LINES


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