Ellie Turns 6 months

Hi everyone! It feels like its been forever!! I have been jumping head first into my business as an independent stylist for Stella&Dot with 4 parties just this week! Phew.  I am so tired just thinking about it, BUT I love it and that’s why I am doing it.  Any way, this past weekend we celebrated Ellie turning 6 months old.  John thinks you shouldn’t celebrate half birthdays after you are 12 years old, which really sucks for me because every year on MY half birthday, I tell him he is forgetting to wish me something and he just laughs and WON’T SAY IT!! Ugh.  I love a reason to celebrate sooooo because I can’t celebrate my own half birthday, I am taking full advantage of the fact that Ellie will be.

After John finished work we took her to a local farm where they had a pumpkin patch, a photo booth, apple cider and pumpkin doughnuts (both were warm and out of this world good), they even had mini horses there giving little rides to the babies and children.  I thought it would be a good idea to get Ellie on a mini horse so we did just that.  John of course walked next to her and held on the entire time (the mini horses were going VERY slow) and it was so cute to watch the two of them together.  She was knee deep in biting the saddle meanwhile John is trying to hold on to her wiggling body and I’m yelling “Ellie! Over here! Look at mama for a picture!” It was quite the treat!!

I realize now more than ever that this has been the quickest 6 months of my life.  And I know that it will continue to go faster.  I’m staring at a picture right now of her when she was just 2 months old and I can’t believe what a 4 month difference makes.  Her little personality is already starting to shine.  She is kind and sweet, but knows how to manipulate to get her way already.  We enjoy every single day with her and can’t wait for what’s to come (she is very close to crawling)!! I better start planning the 1st birthday here pretty soon, right John?!

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