A little Annoucement

Hi All! I hope your Monday is going well.  I wanted to pop on here and let you know that my blog is going to have a little re-direction.  Not so much in the content, but in the way I post.  After giving it much thought and listening to some other bloggers, I have decided that I will not be posting photos of my daughter anymore.  In fact, I probably won’t even use her name.  I know that I do not have A LOT of followers, but nonetheless, my blog account on Instagram is public and so is my page I have created on Facebook.  A part of me thinks that maybe this is just me being a little over protective, but I just feel like with public accounts, you never know who is behind that screen and possibly saving a picture of my daughter.  I don’t want to subject my family to that- especially our daughter.

SO, I will still very much be talking about motherhood, marriage, and overall lifestyle/fashion that you all read already BUT if pictures are taken of her, they will not show her face.  If you are a family member or friend that has me on my personal accounts, I would love to spam my feed with her on there, but my public stuff will not showcase her anymore.  I hope that you all understand and see my point of view.  Maybe this will change in the future and I will feel better about the situation, but as for now this is the decision I intend to keep.  I will be back later this week to post about my favorite products in preparation for my birthday coming up….there may be some giveaways coming your way too!!


Thanks for reading TWO PINK LINES

Darcy pp6

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